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A complete line of cryogenic vials and boxes to store specimens at temperatures as LOW AS -196 C° (vapor phase of liquid nitrogen).
Biosigma CryoGen® tubes are certified Human DNA, DNase/RNase/Pyrogen/ATP/PCR Inhibitors free, sterile SAL 10-6 and IATA PI 650, with a unique and consecutive 1D barcode printed on the tubes’ bodies

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mico and macro

Plastic disposable cuvettes replacing fragile glass or quartz cuvettes in many applications that were previously beyond therange of plastic cuvettes.
Designed for single use, they eliminate time-wasting washing, and the cross-contamination risk associated with washing and reusing cuvettes.

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cryogentubes 2D

The line includes 2D CryoGen® tubes, in addition to 1D linear barcode, having a 2D data matrix barcode on the tubes’ bottoms.
Datamatrix Code inserted in the bottom, sequential and corresponding to the “Code 128” on the tube body

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ISO 13485
Quality System Certificate demonstrates and promotes the company’s commitment to organizational policies aimed at providing products and services in line with regulatory and market requirements related to the medical field.

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Production and sale accessories for biotechnology & cryotubes

Since 1988 Biosigma S.p.A. produces and distributes disposable plastic items for biotechnology, research, clinical chemistry and pharmaceutical laboratories.

In our over 12.000 sqm facilities, we dispose of latest injection machines and informatics tools that allow production of high standard quality articles still being competitive on the worldwide market.

Every customer can count on a perfectly organized structure, ISO 13485, OHSAS 45001 and ISO 14001 certified, able to adapt our biotecnology products and services to continuous demands of market.
We offer our customers experience and professional competence; customer satisfaction and quality of products are always our main targets.